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What is Bullet Journalling and why do it?

A Bullet Journal is a system created by a designer from New York, named Ryder Carroll. A Bullet Journal is a customizable and forgiving organizational system that can be a simple to-do list, a notebook, a diary or even all of those tools in one.

The major goal of a bullet journal accordingly with its creator is to track the past, organize the present and plan the future.

With a bullet journal, you can track and plan anything that goes on your mind and organize it in an easy and coherent way.

On bullet journaling, you simply write small notes, not long sentences. This makes the process of adding and organizing new ideas a smoother one. Even when you’re dealing with a complex task or idea, on bullet journaling you’re supposed to simply add a small note about it, and that note will be much easier to manage, to add to a to-do list, and to execute.

Why should you start bullet journaling?

If you’re busy, you probably have plenty of notebooks, sticky notes, and even digital notes. You keep writing down some tasks and ideas on so many places that it gets hard to track it all or to implement some of those ideas.

You might have tried different systems including some digital ones, but at the end, you found out there are always some limitations. You need flexibility in order to have all your ideas and tasks organized in the same format.

And while we live in a digital age where most of us have smartphones, computers and all sort of online services, few tools can really help you organize your ideas and plans as a nice pen and a piece of paper.

When you’re hand writing your ideas, there are no distractions, no email or social notification getting in the way. It’s just you and your thoughts, and that’s why many people find out nothing can replace a pen and a notebook.

A bullet journal is perfect for those that have multiple to-do lists. With bullet journaling, you can add all those different lists on the same notebook and become more productive.

If you love to write down your tasks on a piece of paper and enjoy that simple pleasure of crossing each task you completed, a bullet journal might be the perfect system to organize all your tasks and ideas.

And if you’re looking for a way to become more organized and productive while avoiding the online distractions, nothing can really beat a good system like bullet journaling. If you never tried to organize your tasks on a notebook, and you usually try to write your tasks on an app or online, you might be surprised with the kind of productivity you might have by hand writing your tasks and plans.

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